BIM Board of Directors The Board of Directors are comprised of volunteer godly men and women that meet quarterly for the regular business meetings in Hinsdale, IL. The officers consist of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, and Assistant Treasurer. These positions are elected annually and the full term for a Director is three years.
(Left to right: Enoch Jen, Benjamin Chelladurai, Duane Smith, Cristina Smith, David Kreider)

Rev. Albert Benjamin Chelladurai 
Mr. Enoch Jen, Treasurer
Mr. David R. Kreider, Assistant Treasurer
Mrs. Cristina M. Smith, Secretary
Rev. Duane P. Smith, Chairman

Advisory Council / Board of Reference
Dr. Enoch ("Nick") Carver, IV
Rev. Frank "Joe" A. Everett, II
Mr. Alan Forsgren
Mr. Charles R. Peterson