Principles & Practices

Brazil Inland Mission, Inc.
Incorporated in 1955 in the State of Illinois
and in 1958 in São Paulo, Brazil and Brasilia, D.F., Brazil

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  • I. Name
    • The organization shall be called the Brazil Inland Mission, Incorporated.
  • II. Object
    • The Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. was formed to help evangelize Brazil, South America.
  • III. Character
    • The Mission is evangelical and independent. The composition of its personnel is interdenominational. It is a non-profit organization and was incorporated in the State of Illinois in May, 1955, and in the Republic of Brazil in September, 1958.
  • IV. Constitution
    • The Mission shall consist of a Board of Directors and missionaries.
  • A. Board of Directors
    • 1. The Board of Directors shall consist of not more than 12 members who are in accord with the Principles and Practices of the Mission. This body shall be self-governing and self-perpetuating. Members shall be received by unanimous vote and dismissed by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board. The full term of office for a Director shall be three years and for an Officer one year, subject to re-election. The annual election of Directors and of all Officers shall be held at the first business meeting of each calendar year, with terms to take effect immediately. In voting, a majority of a quorum or more present shall rule. Four Directors shall constitute a quorum at any regular or specially called business meeting.

      2. The Board of Directors shall meet at least quarterly for the regular business meetings and for any special business meetings at the call of the Chairman.

      3. Any business requiring approval of the Board of Directors, but not of sufficient import to warrant calling a special business meeting, may be approved by the Board of Directors by voting by mail or by telephone. The results of the vote will be certified in writing to the Secretary by the Chairman.

      4. In event of a loss of Board members reducing the membership to less than a voting quorum, the remaining Board membership shall constitute a voting quorum only for the purpose of electing sufficient board members to restore a constitutional voting quorum.
  • B. Officers and their duties
    • 1. Chairman:
      The Chairman shall call for and preside at all business meetings. He shall assign the devotions, and prepare the agenda for all regular and special Board meetings in consultation with the Executive Secretary. He shall sign the annual reports to the federal and state governments. 

      2. Vice-Chairman:
      The Vice-Chairman shall assist the chairman in his duties as needed and requested and shall perform such duties as the Chairman may assign to him. He shall perform the duties of the Chairman in his absence or incapacity. 

      3. Secretary:
      The Secretary shall take the minutes of all Board meetings, shall publish them and send them to all individuals that the Board of Directors may authorize to receive them. He shall have custody of all Board records (exclusive of corporate papers), loyalty pledges, copies of wills filed, minutes, personnel records, references, etc. of missionaries and missionary candidates.

      4. Treasurer:
      The Treasurer shall issue receipts for all funds received when requested. He shall keep financial records of all funds received and disbursed. He shall prepare regular reports for the Home Board and for such others as the Board of Directors may authorize. He shall prepare such legal reports as the federal and state governments may require. The Treasurer shall be bonded by the Board of Directors; exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. 

      5. Assistant Treasurer:
      The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer in his duties as requested. He shall issue regular receipts and checks when the Treasurer is absent or incapacitated by illness or other circumstances. The Assistant Treasurer shall be bonded by the Board of Directors; exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. He may be one of the two required signatures on all Mission checks. 

      6. Other Official Board Positions:
      There may be any other Board-appointed positions or Consultants as the Board of Directors may deem necessary. 
  • C. Executive Secretary
    • There may also be an Executive Secretary appointed by and responsible to the Board of Directors. The Executive Secretary shall have the responsibility for the daily administration of the affairs of the Mission and of the Mission Home Office, and for preparation of the necessary documents and business, in consultation with the Chairman as necessary. Expenses, other than routine, which are over $100 must have the approval of the Board or its Executive committee. He may ask the Board and/or individual Board members for assistance as necessary. He may appoint assistants in secretarial work, bookkeeping and filing, paid or unpaid, with the approval of the Board or its Executive committee.
  • V. Policy
    • It shall be the policy of the Mission to evangelize, to train national workers, and to establish national, self-supporting churches. Believers are to be baptized by immersion and to observe the Lord's Supper. The Mission shall cooperate and seek to fellowship as far as possible with all who are fundamental in doctrine and reasonable in practice.
  • VI. Doctrine
    • We believe -- 

      A. In the verbal plenary inspiration, infallibility, and final authority of the Bible 
      (the Old and New Testaments) as the Word of God, in the original writings.
      II Timothy 3:16-17 ; II Peter 1:20-21 ; I Peter 1:25

      B. In one God, eternally existent in three persons, Creator of all things.
      Genesis 1:1, 26 ; Deuteronomy 6:4 ; Isaiah 6:3, 8 ; Habakkuk 1:12 ;
      Matthew 28:19 ; John 1:1-3 ; Hebrews 1:3 ; Colossians 1:15-17 ; I Timothy 2:5

      1. Father, in His holiness, justice, and love. 

      Exodus 3:14 ; Psalm 145:17 ;
      Isaiah 6:3, 41:14, 57:15 ;
      Ephesians 2:4 ; Romans 5:8 

      2. Son, in His virgin birth, sinless life, efficacious death, bodily resurrection, ascension into heaven, intercession, imminent coming for His Church, and premillenial return to reign. 

      Psalm 90:2, 102:24-27 ;
      Isaiah 7:14, 9:6-7, 53:1-12 
      Luke 1:26-35, 24:50-51 ; John 14:1-6 ;
      Acts 1:9-11, 3:14 ; Romans 8:32-34 ;
      I Corinthians 15 ; II Corinthians 5:21 ;
      I Thessalonians 4:13-18 ; Hebrews 1:3, 8 ;
      Hebrews 4:15, 9:24 ; Revelation 22:20 

      3. Holy Spirit, in His converting and regenerating power, indwelling believers and enabling those who submit to Him to live the sanctified life. 
      The Mission is not charismatic. 

      John 3:3-5, 14:26, 16:7-15 ;
      Romans 8:9-16, 23, 26, 27 ;
      I Corinthians 3:16, 6:19, 12:3 ;
      Ephesians 1:13-14, 4:30, 5:18

      C. In the total depravity of mankind, thus the universal need of salvation by the efficacy of Christ's blood.
      Isaiah 64:6 ; Romans 3:10, 23 

      D. In the bodily resurrection of the saved for judgment and eternal life with Christ, and the resurrection of the lost for judgment and eternal conscious punishment in hell.
      I Corinthians 15 ; Revelation 21:8 

      E. In the invisible Church composed of all born-again persons chosen, according to John 15:16 and II Thessalonians 2:13, having their eternal salvation secure in Christ Jesus.
      John 10:28 ; Jude 24 and 25 

   VII. Missionaries

  • A. Missionary Candidates:
    • The Board of Directors shall consider, approve or disapprove the application of each missionary candidate and supply all candidates with necessary information regarding acceptance, travel, support, equipment, etc. Each missionary candidate shall participate in and complete an orientation seminar before going to the field. Both husband and wife shall be accepted as missionaries. Each missionary must submit to and obey the Principles and Practices of the Mission, and be willing to sign the Annual Pledge without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.
   Minimum Requirements
  • Spiritual
    • a. Must be a born-again Christian, consecrated and dedicated to Jesus Christ, and seeking to live spiritually, morally and socially according to Biblical principles under the guidance of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

      b. Should continue to grow in Christ daily. 

      c. Should be an active member of an evangelical church which is in accord with the doctrinal statement and position of the B.I.M., Inc.

      d. Should have served in some capacity in home church as God makes it possible.

      e. Must be in accord with the doctrinal statement of the B.I.M., Inc. and with its Principles and Practices. Must be willing to sign the required pledge of loyalty annually.

      f. Each male missionary must be ordained by a church in the country of which he is primarily a citizen. Normally this will be done by his home church. The Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. reserves the right to recognize or not recognize each ordination.
  • Personal
    • a. Must be in good health, as certified by a licensed M.D. on the Mission's standard form. 

      b. Should have true humility, seeking always to esteem others better than self, both at home and in Brazil, without demonstrating an inferiority complex.

      c. Must have real love for the people and souls. 

      d. Must realize that national brethren are our equals spiritually, and that Americans do not have monopoly on the indwelling and guidance and power of the Holy Spirit in making decisions.

      e. Must have the ability to get along with and to work well with others. 

      f. Must be able to take orders and, when in a position to do so, to give orders in the spirit of true humility.

      g. Should be able to furnish good personal references, including one from pastor or home church leader.
  • Educational
    • For Church planter, Evangelism, and/or Christian Education, & Music:

      A missionary must have a three or four-year diploma with appropriate major from an accredited, evangelical Bible College, and/or approved missionary training by a qualified mission organization or school, and/or approved practical experience.

      For teaching in Seminaries sponsored by the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. :

      A missionary must have a three or four-year diploma with appropriate major from an accredited, evangelical Bible College, and/or approved missionary training by a qualified mission organization or school. In addition, approved practical experience is strongly recommended.

      Seminaries or Bible colleges in Brazil founded and maintained, all or in part, by the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. must have their own Brazilian Board of Directors that will organize and direct the said school; also the board must follow the educational requirements by said mission as defined in the above paragraph. Both missionaries and national leaders should be united in ministries that include the positions of leadership and professorship in these Bible-teaching schools.

      All seminary professors are encouraged to advance their own educational levels, as suggested below, so as to enhance the academic status of the above-mentioned schools.

      The Educational requirements for any administrator on the field, in the Seminary, church, or any other missionary endeavor, shall be left to the discretion of the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc.

      All new missionaries are normally in language study and internship for the first one to two years on the field. For those who already have a fluent command of the Portuguese language, this period may be shortened, but only after passing an oral and written language examination at a recognized missionary language school outside of our Mission. The internship should include becoming involved in ministry to a limited extent and it must be under the guidance/direction of a senior missionary on the said field.

      All field administration is regulated by the MISSÃO INTERIOR DO BRASIL.
      Any missionary could be elected by the MISSÃO to be a part of the field administration (after completing the internship and passing the independent missionary Language School written and oral examination), and, therefore he or she should take at least two courses in church and/or mission administration while he or she attends Bible College or Seminary.

      All candidates for Seminary teachers and professors must be accepted in Brazil by the boards and faculties of the Bible and theological schools in which they teach, which the B.I.M., Inc. represents on the field of Brazil, with the following in view:

      (1) Adaptability to Brazil and its people.

      (2) Adaptability to the national church leaders of the MISSÃO INTERIOR DO BRASIL.

      (3) Acceptance only after at least one year of language study and/or written and oral examinations on the Portuguese language (in addition to those given by the independent mission Language School) as administered by the language department of the Seminary.

      All missionaries must also be accepted first by the Board of Directors of the BRAZIL INLAND MISSION, INC. after a personal interview, as provided elsewhere in said PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES of the Mission.
      • For teaching in the first-year courses of the Seminary:
        A minimum of a bachelor's degree as listed above, and preferably a master's degree, and in any case, with a major in the principal field of teaching and a minor in all other fields of teaching. Also, courses in Adolescent and Educational Psychology, Teaching Methods, Tests & Measurements, Evaluative Procedures, and Curriculum Construction.
      • For teaching in the Seminary courses in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year or above:
        A minimum of a master's degree (M.A., M.Div., M.R.E., M.Ed., M.S., Th.M., Mus.M., or M.S.M.) with a major in the principle field of teaching, and a minor in any other field of teaching. Also, the same Educational and Methods courses as listed above.
  • B. Missionary Interns
    • 1. The accepted candidate will be sent to the field after receipt of outfit, passage fund and promised support. Each missionary, before departure for the field, must submit an adequate plan for a return passage fund for the approval of the Home Board. Short-term missionaries must have their return passage in-hand for deposit with the Home Board before leaving for the field.

      2. New missionaries shall be on internship during the first one to two years. Poor health, inability to learn the language or to make re-adjustments, lack of cooperation, insufficient funds, and the like are sufficient to withdraw the new worker from the field.

      After completing the internship in a satisfactory manner, the worker shall be considered a regular, full-status missionary.

      3. Missionaries on internship shall devote themselves to language study. No other duties shall be assigned which would interfere with this study. This shall be formal study in a recognized language school in Brazil. The Board reserves the right to require written and/or taped oral proficiency examinations in Brazilian Portuguese.

      4. Exemptions:
      Missionaries who apply for membership with the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. while 
      living in Brazil, and who know the Portuguese language and are already deeply involved in ministry, are exempt from the above paragraphs 1, 2, and 3. However, when these missionaries return to the United States of America on furlough, both husbands and wives are required to appear as soon as possible before the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. for their first personal interview. They must work with the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. while on furlough and with the Missão Interior do Brasil after returning to Brazil for another term of service.
  • C. District Secretaries
    • Missionaries must have District Secretaries. These appointments are made by the Board of Directors upon recommendation by the missionaries.
  • D. Deputation Work
    • Each missionary shall be responsible for keeping up home interest in the work, by correspondence and by visitation and deputation work while on furlough. 
  • E. Location and Obligation
    • Missionaries may, and are encouraged to, recruit candidates for the work on the field, but the final decision as to their acceptance and appointment and their place of ministry on the field shall be the responsibility of the Board of Directors. Relocating or transferring of all workers on the field will be under the sole jurisdiction of the Board of Directors. The leading of the Lord is first in importance, and decisions will be made upon evidence of the same. All missionaries on the field shall cooperate with each other and with other Christian workers of other evangelical boards, as well as with the Board of Directors.
  • F. Furlough
    • The first term on the field shall be four years, after which one year of furlough is permissible. Other terms after the first shall be for three years normally. Furloughs taken more often than every three years must be approved by the Board of Directors. Requests for any furlough must be made in writing to the Board of Directors at least one month before the quarterly meetings of the Home Board. Short-term missionaries are excepted. The missionary must work in cooperation with the Home Board while on furlough.

      While on furlough, a missionary will have ownership of the furlough vehicle purchased.

      It is recommended that each missionary take some time at the end of each term of service for formal refresher study in short-term seminars, correspondence study, or formal full-time school. This recommendation may be met on the field, or on furlough, or a combination of both. The Mission Board may assist in payment from the General Fund for tuition or cost of study.

      Each missionary shall be required to take some time during every furlough for rest and relaxation, and to demonstrate to the Board of Directors how this requirement is being met.
  • G. Marital Status
    • Married or engaged couples will be considered for appointment. Married couples will be sent to the field. Single persons may be sent out by the Home Board when it is deemed advisable to do so.
  • H. Resignation and Dismissal
    • Should a missionary wish to resign from the Mission, he is as perfectly free to do so as he was to enter. The resigning missionary shall give written notice of resignation to take effect upon acceptance by the Board of Directors. Any existing work shall remain with the Mission. Should any worker change his or her doctrinal view in any way or fail to live separate from the "world" or commit any crime that brings reproach upon the work or the Mission, such will be communicated to the Home Board, and after prayerful counsel with said worker, he or she may be dismissed from the Mission by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors.

   VIII. Finances

  • A. Support
    • 1. Missionaries shall be responsible to obtain and maintain their own personal support.

      2. The Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. recommends that, before leaving for the field, a missionary raise a minimum monthly support per adult and per child as established by the Board of Directors. In practice, the necessary amount depends on field location and on a missionary's estimated budget or financial statement. The responsibility of the individual missionary is between him and the Lord if he feels he needs additional support for Hospital, Medical, Life Insurance. He is authorized to get additional support to cover this, and any retirement fund beyond the required Social Security.

      3. Each station may have a working fund.

      4. Missionaries may receive extra personal gifts, but are not to solicit them. All gifts beyond support which are designated as personal gifts for a particular missionary will be transmitted in full to that missionary but are not tax-deductible.

      5. An annual report of total income must be made to the Home Board.

      6. Missionaries shall raise funds for a furlough vehicle through the Car Fund.
  • B. Method
    • 1. All monies are to be received and disbursed through the Mission treasury before going to the missionary personal checking accounts.

      2. The Mission Treasurer shall make regular disbursements of funds received and designated by the donors. Usually this will be on a semi-monthly or monthly basis as arranged between the Treasurer and the individual missionary.

      3. Checks should be made out to the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. and not to an individual. Failure to comply with this IRS regulation will make the gift not tax-deductible.

      4. Contributions should be designated by the donors and all funds received will be disbursed 100% unless the Treasurer is instructed otherwise by the missionary or his district secretary. An Emergency Fund deduction from support funds only, and still belonging to the missionary, is made in a percentage determined by the Board of Directors. The rules and administration of this fund are detailed in the Board minutes of September 18, 1976. Currently, it is 2% of support balance after the 10% deduction for General Fund (see Section VIII.C).

      5. A missionary must receive written permission from the donor of any contribution before changing the designated use of that contribution.

      6. Appeals for scholarships in favor of needy national seminary students should be made in consultation with the Director of the respective Seminary in Brazil with the following in view:

      a. To finance only those students who prove their calling from God for any definite full-time ministry prior to their entrance into the Seminary.

      b. To help only those students who do not have sufficient support from our national churches in Brazil or from their own families (that is with U.S. dollars).

      c. To channel all scholarship funds through the Field Account of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. U.S. Board authorized to cash Mission Field Account checks in Brazil by American missionary appointed as Field Treasurer.

      d. To provide scholarship funds on an equality basis for all needy seminary students. However, the designation of all U.S. donors shall be fully honored as to the amount that the Lord may lead them to give and as to the student to whom given. National students in Seminary who do not need scholarships will be omitted from U.S. dollar scholarships from non-designated Field Account funds (NSPF) of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc.
  • C. General Fund
    • 1. Undesignated funds from new givers and churches will go into the General Fund.

      2. Freewill offerings may be received for the General Fund.

      3. Each missionary family or each single missionary in raising their support under God shall raise an additional ten percent (10%) support above required support levels, and that this ten percent be given monthly to the Mission for overhead expense in receiving and transmitting funds, printing and mailing literature, etc., meeting government requirements, and all of the many services provided and done in behalf of each missionary. The mailing referred to does not include the cost of individual missionary prayer letters nor those services provided by each missionary's District Secretary. This ten percent is to be discounted each month from all tax-deductible missionary support before the two percent emergency fund is deducted or any other voluntary deductions the missionary may request the Board or Home Office to make. By "support funds" it does not refer to any special gifts for weddings, birthdays, Christmas or other special dates, gifts, funds for travel or passage or equipment, or "love gifts". It does refer to yearly or periodic one-time contributions per year or any other contribution which is specified for a missionary's support ministry, or work, but not marked as a gift for special days or events in a missionary's life.
  • D. Missionary Indebtedness
    • No missionary of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. shall secure a loan or go into debt, either at home or abroad, for more than U.S. $5,000.00 except in a life and death emergency without consulting and receiving the counsel and approval of the Board of Directors.
  • IX. Correspondence
    • All correspondence on Mission business shall be between the Officers of the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. and each missionary. All Mission business inquiries regarding anything affecting the ministry of either the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. or of A Missão Interior do Brasil directed to an individual missionary or candidate shall be turned over to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. For the good of the Mission, the individual missionary must avoid correspondence with anyone who might prove harmful to a fellow member, to the Mission, or to friends and brethren in Brazil or elsewhere.
  • X. Amendments & Exceptions to Principles & Practices
    • A. Amendments

      These Principles and Practices may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of a quorum of the Board of Directors.

      B. Exceptions

      Minor exceptions to the Principles and Practices may be be made by the Home Board of Directors without amending them.
  • XI. Pledge of Loyalty
    • All missionaries, Officers and Directors shall be required to sign an annual pledge of loyalty without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion by the first regular business meeting of each calendar year with the commitment to abide by the Principles and Practices, including its Doctrinal Statement.

      Also required to sign are District Secretaries, Advisory Council Board of Reference members, B.I.M. office employees, whether paid or volunteer, and all individuals working for, or connected with, the B.I.M. in doing anything in the name of its missionaries, its Board, or the Mission. The Board feels this addition to have been implicit in spirit in the original motion of April 5, 1954 and now wishes to specify so in detail.
  • Incorporation
    • The Mission began as the South Brazil Mission on March 15, 1954 and was incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois in November 1954 as a "Not for Profit Corporation" under the title of the South Brazil Mission Fellowship.

      By authority of action of the Board of Directors on May 3, 1955, the name of the Mission was changed to the "Brazil Inland Mission, Inc." during that month and an amendment to the original Articles of Incorporation was properly filed with the State of Illinois, dated May 16, 1955.

      In Brazil, the Mission was incorporated on September 23, 1958 as "A Missão Interior do Brasil", and registered in São Paulo and in Brasilia under the date of September 30, 1958.

Address business inquiries to:
Brazil Inland Mission, Inc.
PO Box 1152
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Telephone: 563.568.6027