Who We Are

The Brazil Inland Mission, Inc., is incorporated in the State of Illinois, since 1955, with headquarters in Wheaton, IL. It is evangelical and independent, and the composition of its personnel is interdenominational. It is also incorporated, since 1958, in the Republic of Brazil as "A Missão Interior do Brasil."

BIM Policy
The policy of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc., is to evangelize, train national workers, and to establish national, self-supporting churches. It is Mission policy to cooperate and seek to fellowship, as far as possible, with all those who are fundamental in Bible doctrine and reasonable in practice. Missionaries work in close harmony with Brazilian nationals. The BIM holds to the principles upon which it is founded.

Evangelization and Church Planting
Evangelization is of prime importance, and discipleship of new and older believers is essential to growth in God's Word. Church planting has resulted in the establishment of fifteen self-supporting churches with excellent ministries in southern and central Brazil. The churches have regular outreach ministries and congregations in other towns and communities, and each continues as such until it becomes an organized church. 

Specialized Training
Preparation for the ministry is located in two schools of Bible education: the Theological Seminary of Araçatuba, in Araçatuba, São Paulo, and the Thompson Theological Bible Seminary, in Vitória da Conquista, Bahia. Courses are offered for both men and women in preparation for various ministries. Both the Brazilian brethren and missionaries share this undertaking, and they would welcome others who would be interested to join them in this teaching challenge.

The goals of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc., are to cooperate in evangelization, training and encouragement so that the brethren of the Brazilian churches will become self-supporting and self-propagating, and ready for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Where we serve

The ministries of church planting, Seminary training, and Bible camp work are located in two major geographical areas: in southern Brazil and in central Brazil. In southern Brazil, there are ministries in the state of SÃO PAULO and a national church in PARANÁ. In central Brazil, ministries are in the states of BAHIA, MINAS GERAIS and GOIÁS.

Southern Brazil

Araçatuba, SÃO PAULO

Charles and Ruth Harmon and family first entered into Araçatuba in 1953.

Class at SBE seminary Araçatuba, SÃo PauloThe Bible Seminary of Evangelization (SBE) began in 1972 as the IBE. The many graduates have become Christian workers in many fields, including pastors, missionaries, tribal work, children's and women's ministries, trained workers in churches and homes. Missionary John Harmon is the former director of the Seminary, and is still one of its teachers; his wife Ana cooks for the single students. George Harmon is one the teachers, and other pastors and missionaries are also on the faculty. The Seminary is presently under national leadership, although John & Ana are still very much involved in the administration and teaching aspects.

The Araçatuba Bible Church is the first church founded by the Harmons in the 1950's, and often is referred to as "the mother church." Missionary John Harmon was pastor of the church from 1974 to 1989. Missionary George Harmon is presently the Pastor. Today, it thrives as a well-organized, self-supporting and mission-orientated church, located near the Bible Seminary of Evangelization. 

Goiânia, GOIÁS

The Bible Church of Goiânia was founded by missionary John Harmon in 1985, where he and Ana served the Lord for the next fifteen years. The prosperous church continues today as a self-supporting, mission-minded church, reaching out to the community. The church has been expanding its facilities to meet the needs of the growing church family as it reaches out into the community.

Harmony CampThe Harmony Camp is located on a beautiful section of land outside of Araçatuba, São Paulo. It was founded in 1999. Many teams from America have had part in its maintenance. (See Opportunities.)

The Boa Vista Bible Church is located in a heavily-populated residential area, and attendance is good and growing rapidly. The Awana program with children has a goal of 200. Youth, women, and music ministries are active. John Harmon was the pastor for many years, and now his son-in-law is the pastor.


Other Organized Churches in Araçatuba, SÃO PAULO. Nine other Bible churches are in Araçatuba and in other areas of São Paulo under Brazilian leadership with others in progress. 

Central Brazil

Vitória da Conquista, BAHIA

Vitória da Conquista is situated in the cooler mountain area of east-central Brazil. Coffee, cattle-raising, several small industrial factories and countless businesses make up this city of 300,000, and Conquista, as it is commonly called, is a strategic center for dozens of smaller towns in southeastern BAHIA.

Urbis I Church, the first church planted by BIM missionaries David and Debbie Thompson, in 1984. The current building was built by an American-Brazilian building team in January 1988. In 1990, the church was officially organized as a church body. The church property now includes a well-maintained, all-purpose educational facility and parsonage on the same large lot. Missionary David Thompson pastored here for many years before turning it over to national leadership in January of 2018.

Calvary Bible Church, located in the suburb of Petrópolis, the second church founded by BIM missionaries, David and Deborah Thompson, was begun in the suburb of Guarani, in 1993, and moved to the nearby Petrópolis suburb in 1998. Completed were the three-story educational building and fellowship hall in 1999, and a large sanctuary in 2001. Evangelistic teams work in the church, hold meetings in two flourishing congregations and preaching points in various other locations. Enthusiastic children's summer clubs draw from the community, an Awana Club flourishes, and a vibrant youth group encourages attendance and Christian service.

The Thompson Theological Bible Seminary was founded in Umuarama, PARANÁ, in 1968, by missionaries Robert and Alice Thompson, and functioned there under their leadership for 27 of their 43 years of missionary service. The Seminary was relocated to Vitória da Conquista in 2000. It currently has about 40 students, a good faculty and staff, extension schools and correspondence students. The large chapel is used for school functions and houses the congregation in the Morada III suburb. The Seminary is under the leadership of Brazilian leaders: Pastor José Pereira (President), Brazilian staff, and David Thompson (see Opportunities).

An evangelistic outreach was begun in March 2007 in the suburb of Vila América by missionaries David and Debbie Thompson, and continues with the help of the Calvary Bible Church. It is in a strategic, growing location, and across from a school. Missionary David Thompson and local pastors continue to lead that ministry, helped purchase the property, and build the church building! Vila América is also the church JoAnna Thompson is heavily involved with, in regards to ministries with youth and music.

Morada DOS Pássaros, BAHIA

Regular meetings are held each week in the chapel of the Thompson Theological Bible Seminary in this mushrooming suburb in Vitória da Conquista. Pastor Jose Pereira is the pastor at this thriving church.
Lagoa do Temóteo, BAHIA

This rural church has grown steadily under national leadership. This is the third church founded by missionaries David and Debbie Thompson. The church has its own church building and new addition, parsonage, and regular outreach in the nearby towns of Lagoa Grande and Estiva.

Taiobeiras, MINAS GERAIS

Taiobeiras, population 25,000, is located on a high plateau, in east-central Brazil, south of Bahia. The small rural town is the hub of the region, and is known for its many small agricultural and cattle farms, a large ceramic factory, plantations of eucalyptus for charcoal, and pine trees for lumber and pulp. The main event of the week is the colorful open-air market on Saturday, when thousands gather for much bartering and shopping. 

The church is very active, the young people are energetic, and general attendance is good. The church owns its own property and adjacent parsonage. There are outreaches in the suburb of Bom Jardin, and in the town of Mirandópolis.

HISTORY. The work in all east-central Brazil began when Armindo Gomes was burdened for his huge family of extended relatives who lived in the distant state of Minas Gerais. Armindo was then living in the state of Paraná, near Umuarama, when he decided to sell his farm and return to Minas Gerais to evangelize his family. The first evangelistic meeting in that place was held on a remote farm in Marruás, beneath the branches of a mango tree. In 1976, missionary Robert Thompson baptized the first believers and made eight more missionary trips after that. From 1978, the church was established and developed in Taiobeiras, and other fields opened to the Gospel.

Montes Claros, MINAS GERAIS

Montes Claros is a thriving industrial city of 350,000, situated in a valley surrounded by low mountains. It is well known for its five universities, a large cement factory and many other factories and prosperous businesses, making Montes Claros one of the most important cities in MINAS GERAIS.

In 1990, Rev. José Pereira da Silva founded the work in the populous suburb of Dr. João Alves. His labor of love and sacrifice has resulted in an active, organized church that now has it own church building and adjacent Sunday School rooms. 


In 2006, a new congregation was started in the city of Januária, 160 kilometers northwest of Montes Claros. A year later, a preaching point was started in Janaúba. The congregation thrives with its own lay-men doing the preaching and teaching and regular visits from the entire church in Montes Claros, A men's team from the Montes Claros church. They look forward to buying their own property soon for the construction of a church building.

The goal of the BIM, Inc. is "to train Brazilians to train Brazilians." In the places mentioned above in east-central Brazil, this is being accomplished by two American missionaries, five Brazilian families in full-time ministry, plus several gospel teams and various trained national leaders. There are eleven different locations of ministry, in addition to the Seminary.

There is an open field of harvest and ministry for those seeking to serve the Lord in full-time missions. Missionaries may extend church planting in this productive area of east-central Brazil, to teach at the Bible Seminary, or work at the Bible Camp.

Your inquiries are welcomed!