MERGER OF BIM, INC. & BGFM October 2018


September 24, 2018

Dear Supporters of Brazil Inland Mission,
I am writing this letter today to let you know of some exciting news regarding our mission.

As many of you know, BIM has been in existence since 1954 and we have seen the Lord do tremendous things through the tireless and faithful work of our missionaries. What you may not be aware of is that since the founding of our mission, almost all the work of the home board has been done by volunteers. Most of the positions on the board can function with this arrangement due to the smaller size of our mission. The one position that requires the greatest amount of personal time is that of our assistant treasurer. David Kreider has been faithfully serving in this position for many years. Lately, David has let the board know that he is going to be unable to continue serving at the level he has in the past. Due to this, we have been searching [..] read more

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