George and Eunice (Nice) Harmon's main focus is pastoring the Araçatuba Bible Church. George is also a teacher at the Bible Seminary of Evangelization (SBE)Harmony Camp is seven miles from the city of Araçatuba, São Paulo. The camp has a full camp program reaching children, adolescents and young people with a capacity of 120+ campers. The grounds are also used for conferences, retreats and events on holidays. The George Harmon's have four adopted children whom are grown: Tim, Nathan, Évely and Mélanie. 

George was both a student and teacher at the Bible Institute! Later, he completed his studies at Moody Bible Institute and Calvary Bible College in the USA. It was in 1976 that he met Eunice, a student at the Bible Institute in Araçatuba, São Paulo, who was preparing for missionary work. A year later, they were married. George and Eunice Harmon joined the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. on April 26, 2002.

George Harmon was born in a mission hospital, the youngest of four children of pioneer missionaries to the Indians, Charles and Ruth Harmon. The family relocated to Araçatuba, São Paulo, and continued there in active ministries after his mother Ruth was stricken with polio. At age sixteen, George accepted Christ at a Word of Life camp in São Paulo. Together, in 1972, brothers John and George Harmon co-founded the Bible Institute of Evangelism, (now, the Bible Seminary of Evangelization (SBE). George was ordained to the ministry, helped in church planting, and he and John founded the Araçatuba Bible Church. George is the pastor of the church to this day. George realized his dream for constructing the Harmony Camp in 1999. With help of brethren in the States, land was purchased and buildings constructed, with a thriving camp ministry in place.

"Our main purpose is to preach and teach Christ with joy, with the objective of making disciples and glorifying God."

--Always advancing,
The George Harmon Family
The George Harmon Family
The George Harmon Family
George and Eunice Harmon
Caixa Postal 29
16001-970 Araçatuba, São Paulo
Brazil, South America
Harmony Camp: www.aibfb.org/harmony

John served the Lord faithfully in Araçatuba, São Paulo, until the Lord called him Home on May 7, 2018. He is survived by his wife, Ana, who continues to be active in the ministry, full-time, at the Boa Vista Church & Seminary. Ana cares for her aging mother in her home. John and Ana have three grown children: John Jr., Rebecca and Hadassa. John Jr. is the "Explosive Evangelism" Coordinator for all of Brazil. JOHN HARMON 1941 - 2018

John Harmon was the eldest son of Charles and Ruth Harmon, who began to serve as missionaries in Brazil in 1936. John was born in Battle Creek, MI; his younger brother George and sisters Virginia and Joía were born in Brazil. The family served with the Nambiguara and Terena Indians, and later in Araçatuba, São Paulo. In 1963, John gave his life to the Lord. Two years of serving in the United States Army in Germany proved to be of key importance of fundamental teaching and biblical principles as John worked with the Navigators. John returned from the Army to Battle Creek, MI, where he finished studies at Western Michigan University, and then went to the Boot Camp training of New Tribes Mission. In 2011, John completed his Doctorate of Divinity by correspondence with Master's International College in CA.

John returned to Brazil on September 25, 1970 to join his parents in ministry in Araçatuba. John's father became very ill and went to be with the Lord shortly after his arrival to help his parents. Instead of going into tribal work, the Lord led John to work with his brother George and mother Ruth in Araçatuba, São Paulo. John began a radio ministry and established churches and administrated and taught in the Seminary. John and Ana also ministered at Goiania for fifteen years where he started the Goiania Bible Church and another church, even helping establish a Seminary there. Until the time of her death in March 2009, John and Ana cared for Ruth Harmon, John's mother, in their home. At present, John and Ana live in the home which was built for his parents thirty-seven years ago! John and Ana joined the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. as missionaries on April 26, 2002.

"We are thrilled to be a part of the Brazil Inland Mission, as our ministry and that of the Mission are the same!"--Always advancing, The John Harmon Family

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Harmon
Rua Paraíso, 1779
16045-160 Araçatuba, São Paulo
Brazil, South America
David Michel Thompson and Deborah Lee (Nichols) serve the Lord in the city of Vitória da Conquista, BAHIA. David has just turned over yet another church to national leadership in January of 2018, the Urbis I Church. This church has two congregations: Vila America (founded in 2007) and Primavera (founded in 2014). Their daughter, JoAnna, ministers as a full-time missionary at Vila America under the national leadership of Pastor Augusto. David & Debbie are currently devoted to developing the new church plant at Primavera (formerly "Vivendas da Serra / Veloso").

Other ministries of the Thompsons include evangelism, church planting, discipleship, counseling, teaching and assistance in the Thompson Bible Theological Seminary, and with the Alliance of Fundamental Bible Churches of Brazil, and the BIM mission work in east-central Brazil.

David is the son of BIM founding missionaries, Robert and Alice Thompson. Deborah is the daughter of Charles and Joan Nichols, associated with a life of ministry in missions with Baptist Mid-Missions. David and Debbie were married in Saylorville, Iowa on June 16, 1984, and they have three children: David Andrew (1986), JoAnna (1989) and Jonathan (1999). David and Debbie (together with their youngest child, Jonathan) have ministered for ten terms in Vitoria da Conquista. JoAnna completed her Bible education in May of 2011 at Calvary Bible College & Theological Seminary in Kansas City, MO. She now ministers in the same city with David & Debbie as a full-time missionary. Andrew is married to Amy (Gregg) and lives in Belton, MO and they are blessed with one child, Elijah.

In 1984, David and Debbie Thompson began church planting at a congregation in Urbis I, which is now an organized church and has its own ample church facilities, and is under the direction of local leadership. They founded a new church in the suburb of Petrópolis in 1993--the Calvary Bible Church. That church was turned over to Brazilian leadership in January 2007. Presently, the Thompsons have begun working at a new church plant in a new suburb called, "Primavera."

Another work was begun in Lagoa do Temóteo in 1994, under the supervision of missionary David Thompson.  In 2001, David helped start the church at Morada dos Pássaros.  David helped relocate the Thompson Theological Bible Seminary in 2000 from Umuarama, Paraná to Vitória da Conquista where he teaches.

The David Thompsons and the churches and pastors of the entire fields in the states of Bahia, Minas Gerais are part of the Union of Fundamental Bible Churches of Brazil.  This Union has fellowship with the Union of Bible Churches located in the states of São Paulo, Mato Grosso do Sul and Goiás--including the ministries of BIM missionaries Ana Harmon, George and Eunice Harmon, national churches and congregations (see Opportunities).

Debbie, Jonathan and David

David & Debbie Thompson
Avenida Paulo Filadelfo, 983
Bairro Candéias
45.028-355 Vitória da Conquista, Bahia
Brazil, South America
Home Phone: #011-55-77-3422-4129
SKYPE: ddt1984

District Secretary:
Mrs. Cristina (Thompson) Smith
203 Allamakee
Waukon, IA 52172

Missionaries raise their own financial support for the field. They also encourage, inform and maintain their own supporters. 
JoAnna ThompsonIn a historical Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. Board of Directors Meeting on July 23, 2011, JoAnna Thompson was officially accepted as a full-time missionary of the BIM. JoAnna, daughter of missionaries David & Debbie Thompson, has long felt the calling of God in her young life into full-time Missionary work. Upon graduation with a B.S. degree in May of 2011 from Calvary Bible College and Theological Seminary, JoAnna began the application process with the BIM and formed a financial team. JoAnn began her first term on the field in 2013. She ministers alongside a national pastor at "Vila America Church," working with children and a music ministry. She also works with children in the public school during a "religion hour" in which she teaches Bible stories and shares the Gospel. Her bi-cultural experience and knowledge of the language and Brazilian culture gives her an advantage for effective ministry in Vitoria da Conquista. 

JoAnna Thompson
Av. Central, No. 319 Apt. 04
Bloco BL 19, Cond. Vila Roma
45.026-405 Vitória da Conquista, BA 
Skype: joanna.thompson11
Facebook Group: JoAnna Thompson to Conquista 
Alice ThompsonAlice Thompson continues her ministry with the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. in publication of the bi-monthly prayer calendars. She maintains updated news and prayer requests/praises from the missionaries.

Robert and Alice Thompson served as BIM missionaries for 43 years in Brazil and were the remaining founders of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc. that was established in 1954. As a devoted team, they helped pioneer the work of the Brazil Inland Mission, Inc., beginning on April 21, 1955, in the then jungle area of the northwestern part of the state of PARANÁ in southern Brazil. In Umuarama, they served the Lord in church planting for 13 years and also founded the Evangelical Grade School in 1964 which still functions today. In 1968, they founded the Southern Theological Bible Seminary which Robert directed and in which they both taught for 27 years while raising five children.

In 2000, that seminary was moved to Vitória da Conquista, BAHIA, and continues with about 40 students in excellent facilities with an outstanding staff and teaching body--under the new name ofThompson Theological Bible Seminary. The Thompsons retired from active missionary service in January 1996 and resided on the Thompson homestead farm in Minnesota.

Robert was ushered into the presence of the Lord on June 23, 2009. Alice is now the sole surviving member of the original founders of the BIM; she re-located to Waukon in northeast Iowa in July 2010. What the Thompsons started in Brazil continues through the lives of their son David and family, through the efforts of all who are connected with the Brazil Inland Mission and who support its cause and, finally, in the lives of many beloved Brazilian brethren. Their life-long motto has been: "Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord," Hosea 6:3a. Alice continues to serve the Lord in missions and wherever He calls her.

Mrs. Alice E. Thompson
101 8th Avenue NW #104
Waukon, IA 52172
Phone: (563) 568-4542